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US/Canada WeChat Cross-border Payment and Official Account Guidelines

Now Wechat cross-border payment is available in the United States. Low rate and T+3

How do US companies open WeChat cross-border payment? Here please let me talk about the detailed process below:
Conditions for US companies to open WeChat cross-border payment:
• Online payment including websites or applets

Conditions: corporate qualifications, bank account number, driver’s license, bank statement, website address

• Offline payment including convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants and etc.

Conditions: corporate qualifications, bank account numbers, driver’s licenses, bank statements, shop     heads and in-store photos

US WeChat cross-border payment transaction rate
• Offline: Around 1.8%
• Online: Around 2.0%

US WeChat cross-border payment settlement cycle:
• Cycle: T+3

How do US companies get WeChat cross-border official account?

US companies can register the WeChat official account with the overseas entity. To get certified with US corporate entity, the applets is available. To apply for a US cross-border official account and applets, please contact us at to get a quick Wechat official account certification.

Canadian WeChat cross-border payment application process
• Business registration copy
• Corporate ID front and back
• Bank check copy
• A screenshot of the website or a photo of the store’s door.

Canadian WeChat cross-border payment transaction rate
• Offline: Around 1.6%
• Online: Around 2.0%

Canadian WeChat cross-border payment settlement cycle:
• Cycle: T+3