Wechat pay cross-border

Cross Border Payment Plugins

Qfpay for magento

Qfpay for Magento WeChat  plugin is a Magento WeChat payment and Alipay plugin developed by Xunhu. It supports WeChat QR code and H5 In-App Web-based Payment, and supports Alipay payment. Features Write the code strictly in accordance with WeChat payment interface document Strictly follow Magento payment module specifications, do not change the core code of […]

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Paylinx Alipay for WooCommerce

Paylinx Alipay for WordPress WooCommerce  plugin is a WooCommerce Alipay payment plugin developed by Xunhu . It supports Alipay QR code and H5 In-App Web-based Payment

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Royalpay Alipay for Magento2

RoyalPay for Magento2 Alipay  extension is a Magento2 WeChat payment extension developed by Xunhu and RoyalPay. It supports Alipay QR code and H5 In-App Payment, and supports Magento2.x

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5 trillion cross-border payments each year

In 2016, Chinese tourists spend 220 billion U.S. dollars on overseas trips and are expected to reach 250 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 with a per capita consumption of 10,200 yuan

Happy New Year with Wechat Lucky Money

In China, the Chinese mobile app WeChat popularized the distribution of WeChatred envelope in 2014 via mobile payments over the internet. This method of distributing red envelopes is now quite popular in the country.

  • 2019-01-30
How to Getting Started with WeChat for Business

With approximately 916 million monthly active users, WeChat is a powerful marketing tool in China. WeChat marketing offers a powerful way to connect with customers, build a database and collect feedback.

  • 2018-11-17